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Fire and Water Damage - CAN BE REPAIRED/RESTORED like new.

When faced with the situations of problems with water damage. Where do we start? Who can help ease the pain & cure the situation & save the water damaged pieces? From water on the top to submerged in water coming up through the base of the piece. We can Help!!

For those fire or smoke jobs they can be stripped & refinished to get the smell out of the wood.

Whatever the case may be, we will be there for you, to help save those family pieces & help you through the rough times that you are facing. Remember we are only a phone call away. We care and we want to help.

“We can work with your insurance company”

“Your piece Restored like new”

“Informed  at every step of the process”

We are here to help all Those Businesses out there that works with Fire or Water Damage to deal with the customer as well as the pieces in question.  If you give us a call and send pictures I can give you the answers to help out and make your customer feel at ease with our services.

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