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On October 15th, 2018, a hot water pipe burst in our downstairs area.  It flooded over 1,000 square feet ruining much of the area including most of the furniture. 

We had some very expensive Henredon vintage furniture (a dresser and a high-boy).  We did not know if they would be restored due to the water and steam damage.

When Lin and Bobby saw them, they decided they would try to restore them.  Since the finish was very delicate we took the chance.  When all of the pieces, came back to us we could see how much care was taken to restore them as best as possible.  They look beautiful.

My husband and I are extremely pleased with the way they turned out.  I would strongly advise anyone, who needs damaged furniture restored to contact Lin’s Touch of Elegance.  I don’t believe you would be disappointed.  If they cannot repair they will be upfront and tell you.


Jo Lynn

Crystal Spring, PA

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