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Trunk Restoration

When Restoring a Trunk we like to have a conversation about the piece to make sure we understand the history and reasons for restoration.

What would you like to do with your trunk?
Is it a heirloom from the past?
Does it strike your interest for uniqueness and style?

Do you know the age of the Trunk:?  I have some books that help determine their age this sometimes helps with different  type of restorations.

Remember that back in the day this was the only thing that was used when moving from one place to another.  These memories will hopefully be restored as well.

I also carry a supply of trunks that you can purchase for those special gift ideas for that friend that wants to keep the past alive

Here are a few common questions to help start the process of restoration:

  • Lets start with the outside, we now see if it’s canvas or metal or wood.
  • Then we determine colors and repairs to bring it back to the way it was originally; from rollers on the bottom to color or handles (brown or black).
  • Then comes the lock and latches, also fancy metal rosette and corners.
  • Now we move to the inside of the trunk. The choices are 1 of 3: Plywood (birch or oak), Wallpaper, or material.
  • Next we need to know a theme.
  • I also need to know if you want a tray, if you have one or need one made they are usually stained to match the outside of the trunk slats on the exterior. I always suggest that you get one made while we have it at the shop. This works better than dragging it back and forth if you decide on a tray. It can always be stored under a bed or in a closet until you are ready to use it for those neat small things that can get lost in the shuffle. Trays are great for those keepsakes that are dear to the heart or those pictures that you look for and never can find.
  • What is the trunks intended use; storage at the foot of a bed for blankets, pillow cases or sheets; some people use them for coffee tables in front of the couch with glass on the top to set glasses; also, used for children’s toy boxes to keep them in one location
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