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Thank you so much for restoring an old piece of furniture to its rightful status as precious family heirloom.  After we brought my grandmother Clark’s 100 year old kitchen hutch up from the old family home in Arkansas we knew we wanted to redo the dingy, wobbly kitchen hutch so we could more fully enjoy it.  We considered handling the task ourselves.   We never dreamed that these pieces has a name and therefore, we found you, learned what we really had, and then made the right decision to have a professional do the work.

We are overwhelmed by the wonderful job you and the staff in your store did in restoring our Hoosier.  It left our house as an object suffering from nearly 60 years of neglect in a farm house and returned from you wonderful care as a beautiful sideboard for our dining room.  The obvious care and workmanship that went into the restoration are immediately apparent.  All of the tinned boxes look beautiful without the old coats of paint.  The glass doors have been cleaned and returned to their old glory.  The careful paint job, and the parts you found for the flour bin and sifter, completed the entire piece, and made the kitchen hutch such a joy for us.

Mary and I both sat around all that afternoon just looking and marveling at what has suddenly become the single most precious piece of furniture in our house.  We intent to take some films to send to my mother so she can see what her mother’s baking center has become.  We can’t thank you enough for a wonderful job.  It demonstrated to us that is essential to have a professional handle items of family history that cannot be replaced.  If you ever need a reference from a satisfied customer, give us a call.  We are still just smiling with the pleasure of our beautifully restored Hoosier.

Service Provided:  (Stip / Refinish / Repairs  ) Side Board, Hoosier, Tin boxes

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