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While walking through the burned and water soaked rubble of my beloved little retirement home, tears streamed down my face, as I glanced over the few pieces that I had carefully selected before my husband and I left our big house and moved to the little house. Most of these things were sentimental and some were just loved. Then, a name came to me. It was mentioned by my Nationwide Insurance adjuster, Lin’s Touch of Elegance. I was hoping she would be able to help me. As I looked at the mess again I began to doubt that she could.

She really surprised me when she came on such short notice. Carefully, she began to choose a few things that I thought were totally destroyed. Her kindness and new hope began to lift my own spirit, as she loaded all the items onto her truck. She restored all of the items, in record time, back to their original beauty. Lin also replaced many items similar to those I lost, some from her shop and some by taking the time to find things very similar to the ones I had. Her prices were great and she was a true professional. There really are no words to show how grateful I am that Lin was there to help, she is a great lady.

God bless Lin and her staff. Her job just isn’t about money, it’s about her love, caring and understanding for any person or job she may take on.

Thank you Lin and God bless

Service Provided: (strip/refinish/repair) All the furniture in her home was restored due to fire

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